Let's declutter together!

If you're overwhelmed by the amount of clutter & "stuff" in your home and are ready to kick-start your decluttering - you're in the right place!

Let's start clearing the clutter so you can spend more time enjoying your days and less time cleaning up after them. Give yourself more time, space and freedom to enjoy what matters most to you!

If you're ready to dive in, get decluttering and make some serious progress simplifying your life, join me in the FREE Spring into Simple Decluttering Challenge!

Let's clear the clutter and simplify together! 

Here are the details:

~ Spring into Simple is a 14-day free decluttering challenge

~ Each day of the challenge we'll focus on decluttering one specific area of your home. 

~ The next round of the Spring into Simple Decluttering Challenge starts on April 15, 2024. Sign up now to join the challenge!

~ You'll receive emails from me each morning during the 14-day challenge, with your decluttering task for the day, along with plenty of decluttering tips, guidance and motivation.

~ Plan to spend 15-30 minutes a day decluttering.

~ Join the Simple Lionheart Life FaceBook group to connect with me & other challenge participants and share your progress. I'll be going live in the group throughout the challenge to answer your questions & cheer you on!

~ Tag me on Instagram @simplelionheartlife and use the hashtag #springintosimple so I can celebrate your progress with you & maybe even feature you on my page!

~ I have a special surprise for Spring into Simple Decluttering Challenge participants at the end of the challenge!! Don't miss out!

Here's the plan!

During the Spring into Simple Decluttering Challenge, we'll focus on decluttering several key areas of your home that will give you a big return on your decluttering investment. Clearing the clutter from these key areas will have a huge impact on your home and your life, giving you more time, space and freedom!

When you join Spring into Simple, we'll first get you set up for decluttering success. Then, we'll start the challenge with my favourite decluttering projects to give you some immediate "decluttering wins"! After that, we'll tackle the bathroom, the linen closet, the kitchen, your clothes & more! 

If you commit to spending 15-30 minutes a day decluttering during the challenge, in just 2 weeks you'll see some major progress simplifying your home and your life!

Progress, not perfection

I want this challenge to be stress-free and easy to keep up with. 

It's not about trying to declutter your entire home (that's what my decluttering guide, Your Clutter-Free Home will help you do!).

Instead, Spring into Simple will help kick-start your decluttering efforts. 

We'll do a little bit of decluttering every day. Trust me, these small pockets of time spent decluttering will add up to big results! Consistency is more important than intensity.

Focus on progress, not perfection.

Getting rid of anything you don't use or love will make a difference. Taking action is better than doing nothing. Any time spent decluttering will make a difference in your life and your home. It all adds up!

Let's do this together!

A challenge like this is always more fun when you’re not doing it alone. Join the Simple Lionheart Life FaceBook group to stay connected with me and other challenge participants. And find the encouragement and motivation you need!

If you’re on Instagram, be sure to use the hashtag #springintosimple and tag me @simplelionheartlife so I can celebrate your decluttering success with you! I’ll be featuring and sharing challenge participants throughout the challenge so we can encourage and motivate each other!

Here's what participants are saying about the challenge:

"This has been the most helpful program I've found. Following a plan for each day really worked for me. Donated or trashed so many things that were in my life that I didn't need or love."

"I realized I can achieve results by doing it small bits at a time. I don't have to take days off from work to declutter!"

"I enjoyed it and looked forward to each day's challenge. I also loved being able to share with the Facebook group which also made me accountable to get it done and helped with motivation."

"Thank you for helping me jump-start my spring cleaning and organization. This is the first time that my home actually feels like it is getting organized. Who knew 15 minutes a day would make such a huge difference!"

"I just love the time limits each day. It is simple enough so you don't become overwhelmed."

"It's a great motivator to begin decluttering and is so helpful for a beginner or a person who is very busy or someone with ADHD like me. This helped me focus on one thing at a time."

"I like the video chats in the Facebook group. So encouraging and easy-going. You make it feel like everything's going to be ok and progress will happen!"

"I really looked forward to the live chats in the Facebook group. I always looked forward to checking the daily email first thing every morning to see what the task of the day would be. It was just a lot of fun and I enjoyed it immensely."

Let me introduce myself!

Hi! I'm Melissa from Simple Lionheart Life and creator of Spring into Simple. 

I started decluttering 11 years ago when my daughter was a typical "toddler tornado" and into EVERYTHING! 

I was so tired of picking up the same "stuff" every day - most of which we didn't even use anyway. I finally decided enough was enough and began massively decluttering our house.

Almost immediately I saw the benefits of having less stuff. I had more time, energy & patience simply because I wasn't wasting so much of it managing all the stuff in our house!

I decluttered our home completely on my own - I didn't have a guide to follow or any advice. I just knew we needed less stuff! But it took a lot of trial and error along the way.

That's why I'm sharing what I've learned, what worked and what didn't. I want to help you be able to simplify your home faster and easier and start seeing results as soon as possible!

And that's what we'll do in Spring into Simple!